I feel as if my music is lacking freshness, most of what I listen to is a few years old, with a few new Top 40’s now and again added in for fun. Well, I think I need to search out and find some new a fresh music. So today I give you Rescue Me by Joshua Klipp.

Josh has an Urban Pop-flavor that sticks him my head and leaves me singing his songs at odd moments. His music has been featured on “The L Word” and he has made guest appearances on “The Tyra Banks Show.”

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Another Music Wednesday

October 17, 2007

Hepatica (KOS-MOS) – Yuki Kajiura (for Xenosaga III)

Todays song is number two on my iTunes most played songs. It is called Hepatica (KOS-MOS), and is the fourth mix of the song composed by Yuki Kajiura for Namco’s video game Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra, the third, and presumably final, game in Namco’s Xenosaga trilogy. Xenosaga is also the spiritual successor of Square’s Xenogears. Anyway, the song is sung by Eri Itoh. The lyrics don’t appear to mean anything.

Houkiboshi – Younha

This is the start of my Wednesday music section… I’m going to try to post a song or twofrom my iTunes play list every Wednesday

Today is Houkiboshi (roughly hoe-key bow-she, meaning Comet (or maybe Abandoned Star)) by Younha, a South Korean J-Pop singer. Houkiboshi is sung in Japanese and was the third ending theme to the anime Bleach and was her second single. It is currently the 22nd most played song in my iTunes and is going up.

Lyrics from AnimeLyrics.com