A Lifetime of Secrets…

October 7, 2007

Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret.

~Jean de la Fontaine~


One of my weekly habits it to visit a blog called Post Secret.  Post Secret was started by Frank Warren a few years ago as an art project. He collects secrets from people who send them to him via post card. No only does he publish a selection on his blog (www.postsecrets.com); but he has published a selection of them in four books. The newest, A Lifetime of Secrets is avalable via Amazon.com, as are previous three.


Why am I posting about this, you might ask? I’m not sure myself, but it seems right to do so.


I’ve spent nearly an hour trying to decide what I wanted to say, and I’m no closer to it, so I’ll leave you with a video of some of the postcards.



“There are two kinds of secrets: those we keep from others, and the ones we hide from ourselves.”
~Frank Warren~


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