Things in Law Today

July 11, 2007

I was reading the news today and some interesting legal things came up. The first concerns the trial of Pamier Safi for the sexual-assault of Tori Bowen. Ms. Bowen could face a contempt charge if she (or any witnass) use the words “rape,” “assailant,” or “victim” (but “sexual-assault” kit is ok) How dumb. Next we will have a judge saying people cannot use the word “murder” at a murder trial. More if I can find the documents online.

Second is that the Family of 16 year old girl in NC have filed a lawsuit against the local school board, saying that the school didn’t do enough to stop the relationship between their daughter and a teacher/coach. I guess they were so upset about it, since they ‘reluctantly’ signed a legal document permitting her to marry him.


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